04 Apr 2016

02.10.2016 – DON PASQUALE – Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Sunday, 02nd October 2016
17:00 at Grand hall, Slovene National Theatre

Gaetano Donizetti
Don Pasquale

“A comic opera adventure about love, marriage and deceit”

Libretto Giovanni Ruffini, Gaetano Donizetti

A coproduction between Opera SNG Maribor and HNK Zagreb

The story of Don Pasquale revolves around a classic comedic premise, i.e. a love triangle yet to be resolved: a young couple in love (Ernesto, Don Pasquale’s nephew and Norina, a young widow) schemes to thwart the inappropriate plans of a pompous old man, who wants to marry the girl himself. What makes the opera notable within this familiar genre is its emphasis on genuine human emotion and its expressivity in the sense of a refined late composer’s style. Donizetti’s score is graceful, exuberant and effervescent, as one would expect from this master of melody, but adds an additional level of sophistication to match the comic (yet insightful) proceedings. This true opera comic “treat” will be staged by a renowned Croatian director, Dora Ruždjak Podolski, which gives you one reason more to stay in tune and join in the show.

Conductor: Gianluca Martinenghi
Director : Dora Ruždjak Podolski

Giuseppe Esposito

Jaki Jurgec
Jure Počkaj
Darko Vidic
Martin Sušnik 
Petya Ivanova
Nika Gorič
Nina Dominko
Valentina Čuden
Dušan Topolovec